Artificial Modular Hedges

Wide Range of Foliage Hedges
Provide Instant Beauty and Privacy
with Life-like Appearance
Artificial Foliage Hedges
Artificial Modular Hedges are the perfect Eco-friendly way to provide maintenance free greenery indoors or outdoor. Whether you are decorating your home, fence, balcony or wall, instant portable artificial hedges are an easy and instant way to get the results you want.
artificial foliage hedges G0602A001 yellow
artificial foliage hedges G0602A002 yellow
artificial foliage hedges G0602A006 red
artificial modular hedges G0602A18
artificial modular hedges G0602A25
artificial modular hedges G0602A26
artificial ivy hedge mat
artificial modular hedges G0602A36
foliage hedge G0602A40
  • foliage hedge G0602A40
  • foliage hedge G0602A40 front
  • foliage hedge G0602A41 backing
  • foliage hedge G0602A42 blade and petiole
20" X 20" Modular Hedges
Super easy to install
Natural Looking leaves from foliage hedges
Made from premium plast ic that wonĄŻt fade or degrade
Earth Friendly: No harmful chemicals or toxins
3 year warranty outdoor use and 5 - 8 year lifespan indoor use.
installation step 1
installation step 2
installation step 3
installation step 4
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