Latest new residential decor, artificial hedge take it!

Artificial hedge is becoming increasingly popular. Walking through big cities, you will see some impressive artificial hedging display around every corner in different outlets. For those who do not use artificial hedges, the following simple information will help you have a quick understanding, and may give you inspirng ideas for residential decoration or landscape,



What materials are artificial hedges made from.
Almost all artificial hedges in market are made from 100% raw polyethylene. It is eco-friendly and fully recyclable. Besides, it also has below advantages :
a. with UV against      
b. No watering required
c. Easy to clean with water 
d. Does not require any maintenance

What are the usage of the artificial hedge
Artificial hedge can be widely used for gardening, landscape, interior design. To cover up the ugly mouldy wall in your courtyard, or to turn your living room into a green oasis, or to update your balcony, to add privacy screening to your front garden, to build up a greenery wall in the house, to set up neighboring plants wall, etc., all those areas can be decorated by artificial hedge.


Artificial Plants Letter

3. DIY is ok.
It is quick and easy to install artificial hedges. By clicking the connectors together, the artificial hedge panels can form any size and shape. You can also mixed them with different styles to create your favorite hedges mat or vertical garden, DIY work is easy to realize.


DIY Hall Wall Landscaped By Artificial Hedges Mats

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