Artificial boxwood hedge for ground floor balcony screening

Many property owners prefer to decorate their balcony for relax and entertaining, but the view from most rooftops includes ugly air conditioning units, power lines, and tar paper. While it is nice to enjoy a view from atop a perch, sometimes the view is ruined by utility boxes and chaotic sites unseen from the ground.
Now there is an attractive and relatively inexpensive solution - Boxwood Hedges for balconies!
Artificial boxwood hedges can be placed in faux planters and they require no special permission and building permit.
Artificial boxwood hedge is made from durable polyurethane and can be purchased with UV protection for outdoor use. From a distance, this looks like a live boxwood hedge. Artificial hedges can be custom built to almost any specification. Condo owners can had a foot or two as a privacy barrier on their balconies, and it looks like a real hedge.
The balcony garden created by artificial plants hedges is free of complex maintenance, no watering, no fertilizer, no pruning, no insects. This kind of instant artificial plants balcony garden is great for the old people, or those we do not have enough time to look after their garden.
Another reason to install an artificial hedge onto a balcony is to protect pets, and/or children from accidentally falling or jumping off. Many barriers built onto balconies are extremely short and they offer little protection against falling for pets and children. Some balconies are designed in a way as shown in the picture above they are unsafe even for adults. Building an artificial boxwood hedge is an easy and relatively inexpensive solution for this problem.
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