Using artificial hedges to hide your garbage cans

Garbage can is the thing that every home will have, this household eyesore might be a necessity, but that doesnt mean you have to look at it all the time.We will address how to conceal garbage cans primarily because they have more specialized needs, the good news is that the solutions can be both easy and inexpensive.

Here I would like to recommend the artificial hedges to you, apart from decorating the garden fence, the wall in office or home, the artificial hedges can also be used to hide the ugly garbage cans. Consider surrounding trash cans with a green covered the same color as your home yard, a custom piece or a pre-made, flexible artificial hedge, you will be more happy when walk or play with babies in the yard.

Just as above picture shows, we have managed to camouflage our trash cans with a natural wall of green and dense boxwood that we trim like a pillar when necessary, the benefit of it is easy accessibility to what is behind it.

Release date:2017/3/16 14:11:34
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