Create exotic willow fencing with Sunwing artificial hedge on trellis!

When it comes to the big project for large area fencing/screening, connecting little mats of artificial hedge seems to be a tiring and hard work. Although our workers can connect the mat before shipping to you, but this is also time-consuming for both parts. For easy installation, we highly recommend the new kind of artificial fencing-the artificial hedge on trellis which is much easier in installing and distinctive in performance.

This new product is composed of willow twigs and artificial foliage. The willow twigs which are expandable and portable is very aethetic and practical. In terms of the foliage, they are all made botanically correct with its evergreen and lifelike appearance. It is even hard to tell it is fake. Meanwhile, this kind of artificial screening is more like real natural fencing and provides a quite rural effect on your landscaping. Apart from laurel type and ivy type, we can also customize what you need for your own project.

If you have any large project in need of high-quality artificial trellis fencing products, please do not hesitate to contact us any time you want.

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