Artificial hedges take the spotlight in restaurants!

Sunwing artificial boxwood hedges have been widely installed in various restaurant with its versatility and aestheticism. Artificial hedge is used all over the restaurant to create privacy and the feel of being close to nature.

These years, artificial boxwood hedge has become popular as a wall covering or branded wall decor in restaurant use. However, the most common use for faux boxwood hedge is to create privacy screen with a touch of greenery. Atmosphere creation is of great significance to the catering industry especially to those theme restaurants.

At most restaurants, artificial boxwood hedges are applied to install privacy barriers in the patio. This instant visual privacy screen do not only greenify the area but also reduce the background noise. We all have the experience of having to shout to each other for communication in the loud restaurant, the artificial boxwood seems to solve this problem for the customers.

Artificial boxwood hedges are also used for covering unsightly area like garbage bins etc. These areas are all decored by attractive artificial hedges. All these help create a perfect environment for diners.

Artificial boxwood hedges have also been applied in service areas like bars and lounges. Artificial topiary ball also distinguish itself as a versatile decor for both indoors and outdoors. If you have any projects in need of Sunwing artificial hedge, welcome to contact us for your first inquiry.

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