Why choose artificial hedges instead of the live plants?


Who knows the green plants in the above picture is plastic or live? Artificial hedges do the perfect job in replacing live plants.

Currently, the artificial hedge has been a hot one for decoration of house, we just have a short conclusion based on feedbacks from our customers, there are mainly three reasons,
1. The primary reason to use an artificial hedge is that it cuts down on maintenance. Artificial boxwood hedges or any type of man-made plants do not extend its roots into the ground. The lack of an extended roots system means that the roots of the plant cannot reach down into the basement and damage the foundation. Natural plants, particularly natural plants that develop wood press against the foundation of the home and can cause cracks over time. A home owner can save on maintenance if he considers using an artificial hedge over a natural one.

2.The second reason of using such plants is that local children and local animals do not eat them. The children and animals may still play in the hedge or use the hedge for their homes, but the plant will not cause the problems the poisonous berries of the natural plant will. Occasionally an animal or a child will eat it. Children still need to be watched, but in most cases the plastic will pass through the digestion systems of most people and animals harmlessly.

3. Usually, natural plants require fertilization and water. A gardener who takes care of his plants may provide these services to his shrubberies on a regular basis. Most people choose hardy bushes that provide an extra level of privacy and keep prying eyes outside of a persons home. And using artificial hedges does not cost much more than using the all-natural variety. Sometimes it is cheaper.


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