Vertical artificial garden brings freshness to residential area

There are multiple ways to add color and freshness to a space, but if you are looking to shape up your room, then artificial vertical garden is what you need.


You see lots of artificial hedge for outdoor display. Some people may find the idea of artificial hedges for residential a bit bizarre.

With lifelike replica plants so authentic you could hardly tell them apart. With no watering, weeding or cutting necessary its maintenance free. Unlike real plants, these synthetic plants wouldnt attract creepy crawlies and insects, and leave no moldy spots or leaking pots. Further more, plastic plants have no harsh thorns. They are children and pet friendly.

You may have concerns about plastic materials indoors being a fire hazard. No worries, the fire retardant ingredients can be added during the production process so they can not catch fire.

So why not try to introduce the artificial vertical garden to spruce up your residential place?

For more information on creating a beautifully manicured vertical garden in an instant, please have a look at all our products on, or contact our team for friendly and personal advice on the right products for you.


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