Artificial boxwood for wedding events

Artificial boxwood is often used for wedding events design, it is nice, economical and reusable.


   Artificial boxwood hedge for nice background screen

For wedding events planners, artificial boxwood is the most frequently used plants for events design due to boxwoods versatility and advantages, for example, artificial boxwood can be ball, spiral, cone, U shape, heart shape, wreaths,  square, or custom letter model. For its advantages, artificial boxwood needs zero maintenance like watering, fertilizer, prunning besides its versatility. All those advantages help save money in cost and management, also allow longtime use.


U shape artificial boxwood door frame


   Heart-shape artificial boxwood

For wedding events, artificial boxwood has different function according to its types. For example, artificial boxwood hedge can be used to build nice background green walls, for space barrier or divider, it can be used to create maze for wedding games. Artificial boxwood ball can be placed on the table for decor, heart-shape boxwood wreath is also very great. For instant door frame, U shape artificial boxwood hedge plays the perfect role. To make the wedding events more nature like, artificial boxwood trees are also often ranged there.

Besides wedding events, artificial boxwood hedge is also great for conference, trade show, music festival, fashion shows, etc..


  Artificial boxwood hedge screen mixed with artificial flowers

SUNWING, as a professional artificial plants supplier, has various artificial boxwood hedges, balls, topiary, trees, bespoke color and shape, all our artificial boxwood items are factory direct, best price and good quality for longtime repeated use. If you want to use artificial boxwood to make wedding events planning more inspiring, easier and economical, just send a email to to get free samples or full cataloge.

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