Artificial boxwood hedge for front house design

It is very common that many buildings will keep a small piece of land for front house gardening or other purpose, and this small area is usually surrounded by railings. To make the front house fresh and impressive, plants like boxwood, topiary or flowers are usually planted there for landscaping, but as we all know it, living plants have some problems, that is, living plants need careful long term maintence like watering, fertilizing, pruning to keep them in good condition, what is more, living plants will bring fallen leaves, small insects during its growth period. All those peoblems need time, money and personnel to deal with despite living plantss environmental protection functions. So are there any better ideas to design this area of front house? Of course, yes. With the artificial boxwood hedge, we can have a most instant and beautiful front house landscape, also remain the realistic natural looking of living plants, have a look at the following application of artificial boxwod hedge in front house design,


With the artificial boxwood hedge in planter, the area surrounded by railings suddenly becomes a small garden with a certain privacy, this boxwood screen needs nearly zero maintenance and very durable for use, it is uv tested. What is more, this boxwood screen can be used to cover unsightly things like electric meter box, gas meter, water meter, etc., Besides realistic nature like appearance, artificial boxwood hedge is also functional for front house design.

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