Artificial Boxwood Hedges For Indoor and Outdoor Use

vspace=10Many commercial property owners are choosing artificial hedge to add texture and greenery to the interiors and exteriors of their locations, like retails spaces, office buildings, and even construction sites. Artificial hedge can be quickly installed to obstruct unsightly views, create a privacy barrier or create the illusion of greenery.

Unlike brush fencing and bamboo panels, you get the same lush green look, the same natural movement and the same gorgeous texture, without all the maintenance. There are so many different designs to choose from, so you can get a finished look that works well with the rest of your yard.

Installation is relatively simple, allowing competent DIY-ers to complete the design of artificial boxwood hedges themselves. The hedges comes in 25cmx25cm plastic square panels and is extremely durable.

The artificial hedges are protected against fading or discoloration through specially formulated UV inhibitors, which means they will stay looking good for years. The foliage will remain green and lush and they are completely maintenance-free: no watering or trimming is required.

There will be total visual comfort once these botanical beauties are introduced for filling up your walls. Be it the reception area, the interiors of the entrance gate wall or even inside the office cabins, the landscaping designers always prefer using the artificial hedges for doing up the walls. It creates such a good atmosphere that, when you enter the place you feel, you are working amid a garden.  


Also, the artificial boxwood hedges are ideal for outside utility, as well as they have a lot of adjustable angle about them and make for a quick and glorious spread for dividers, entryways, and wall.


If you have a greenhouse which gloats of old structures and numerous undesirable components, then everything you need is the boxwood hedge mats to veil them. An exemplification of effortlessness yet incredible complexity, artificial boxwood hedge panels are delightful and sensational and are lovely and exceedingly useful.

For more information on creating a beautifully indoor and outdoor hedge in an instant, please have a look at all our products on this site, or contact our team for friendly and personal advice on the right products for you.

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