Artificial hedges do nice job for chain link fence covering

Artificial hedges build perfect greenery wall for chain link fence, nice in appearance and private in function.

Whether you are working in the industry of home decoration, gardening, landscaping or sports field, you shall work on many different projects concerning chain link fence, and for good visual effect, owners sometimes will prefer to let the chain link fence decorated by some accessories or screens. Well, what we are talking about here is just the very thing that will do well for chain link fence, it is artificial hedge which can brings both instant beauty and privacy to chain link fence. Just look at the following application of artificial hedges for chian link fence in residential areas or sports field,


Artificial hedges for sports field fence covering


Artificial hedge for yard fence covering

Artificial hedges are made of plastic plants like foliage, flowers, branches, ivy vines, ferns, grass, so those items have very very realistic look as living plants shows to people. Besides realistic and pleasing natural look, artificial hedges also brings perfect privacy screen to the space where faux hedges are installed. Artificial hedges need nearly zero upkeep once installed because these excellent UV protected plastic plants have no growth period like living plants and they can keep its fresh color and botanical structure for a long time, no worries from influence of weather or daily maintain. In addition, artificial hedges installation is very simple and easy, all can be done within hours, this is also the very key focus liked by many businees units to deal with difficult site condition.

If you are also in this industry and are looking for those artificial plants items, just contact us, and free sample is available for you to know more about us.

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