Artificial Hedges Build A Rooftop Garden

An artificial hedge rooftop garden is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of gardening without the need for vast amounts of land. Almost every gardener is eager to the skies to create their very own rooftop oasis and there are plenty of great reasons why!
The artificial hedges rooftop garden will provide you below benefits:
1. They make use of unused or underused space.
2. They add a bright dash of green to a gray city landscape.
3. They can provide privacy.
4. They can be extremely environmentally friendly.
5. There is usually good sun exposure.
Traditional topiary planting has been a prominent feature of English gardens for centuries. This horticultural art of modeling plants and trees into artistic shapes is still popular today and the artificial hedge can be a fantastic, low-maintenance alternative. It is ideal to transform the appearance of the rooftop, and offer you a practical solution for hiding unsightly sights. Plus, With UV protection,the artificial hedge is able to prevent fading in sunlight and inherently flame retardant.

Refer to home page and choose which range would suit your rooftop garden best. We have a wide range of colors and pile heights to choose from and we can even send you a free sample if you are unsure.

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