5 things to look out for when purchasing artificial hedges

Many customers are surprised when they find out there are various different artificial plants and hedges in the marketplace. To help you choose the right hedge, we have come up with 5 things to look out for when purchasing artificial hedges.

1. Measure your space

Many arttificial plants look similar when you view them from far away. When purchasing hedges ensure you are purchasing enough to fill the space you require. You can work out how many hedges you will need with our hedge calculator here.

2. Count the number of leaf layers

A decent hedge with several layers will mean your space will be filled with the privacy you sought after with your purchase. By looking at the number of layers, you can be assured that you will fill in the gaps or wall you are covering. On the right, you can see our range has 4 layers, compared to a competitor with three.

3. Ask questions about the Quality of stems

The quality of your hedges is important. Ask the provider what type of materials they use to make the hedges. Material like that shown below on the left which are recyclable alone will tend to fade away and start cracking quicker than more durable plastic. At Sunwing we use virgin plastic as it is stronger than fully recyclable plastic and can withstand weather such as hard rain, hail or storms. Notably, virgin plastic is still recyclable. However, you need to take it to a recycler, similar to how you would recycle tyres (not via your home recycle bin). The council will be able to help you. However, you won��t need to worry about this unless you want to remove the hedges or replace them a few years down the track.

4. Product warranty or guarantee

Only buy from reputable providers you can trust. Cheaper hedges claiming to be the same quality, will not always be better. When purchasing artificial hedges, always look out for a product warranty and guarantee. Also be wary of any hidden clauses by reading the providers guarantee terms in full. At SUNWING our boxwood hedges, artificial green screens, hedges and faux plants are all covered by our 5-year product guarantee from fading and cracking.

5. Check for chemicals or substances like lead and mercury.

Purchasing artificial hedges should be earth friendly. However, to save money some manufacturers use lead, mercury or other harmful substances in their products. Our hedges contain no unsafe chemicals or toxic materials. Thus, giving you the confidence you need in having earth friendly hedges.



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