Bring Privacy and Beauty Together with Sunwing Artificial Greenery!

Artificial hedges will not be just common decorating elements for gardens or yards anymore, with landscape artists taking it to the next level by using them in safeguarding the privacy of offices, restaurants and corporate buildings, etc. 


The flexibility of shaping up these artificial hedges to any geometric shape makes them perfect for landscaping as well as bordering private properties. These artificial shrubs are mostly made very closely together for landscaping. The dense structure of foliages in each of them makes them look fully green and lifelike. The greenery of these artificial hedges are indistinguishable from the real ones, and their perfect shapes create a mesmerizing look altogether. These faux hedges can be easily grouped together in multiples to deliver beautiful shapes. Artificial topiaries available in the variety of shapes like spheres, cones and spirals are great decorative for both interior and exterior landscapes. The wide ranges of shapes like the ones build resembling Christmas trees, and traditional ball structures are a clever way of decorating hotels, casinos, hospitals, etc. Since these botanically correct beauties are fully customizable, they can be made to fit any specific locations. Artificial hedges manufactured by Sunwing is perfect to achieve a balance between aestheticism and practicality. 

If you are somehow intrested in applying our high-quality hedges in your projects, please be free to e-mail us any time you want.

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