Thin fence ivy screening solutions

Faux ivy privacy fence is an artificial ivy leaf screen with realistic looking ivy leaves that help to provide that extra privacy while you are outdoor sun gazing or relaxing in your own backyard. The leaves the made with realistic face-resistant polyester that help to add a subtle but natural decorative accent to your property. It is lightweight and very simple to install on any wooden or metal fence with the included zip ties.

Some people give us a feedback, the artificial ivy feence is few and scattered. No body can promise that all their artificial ivy screen happens to be satisfied your requirement about thin and density requirements. So if when you need high density fence ivy screen, please accept our advice.

Here are we give you some solutions:

1. please purchase double sides faux ivy privacy fence.

2. covering a layer of mesh fabric.

3. Choose artificial green wall with leaves.

4. Use artificial boxwood hedges as a alternatives.

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