Freestanding Artificial Hedges in Planter

Some customers may want a freestanding boxwood hedge planter compared to artificial hedges that need to be installed. No matter the size, shape, or scale of your project. Freestanding hedges are the best way to bring the lush green of a luxurious hedge to any space. Whether in terms of aesthetics or functionality, there is no doubt that artificial hedges in planter are the best choice.

Boxwood Hedge Planter - Backdrop
Artificial plants have a higher frequency of use in many occasions, because of the exterior of the artificial boxwood hedge in planter looks exactly like a wall, designers prefer to using them as the background wall. The standard size of the planter can not meet everyones requirements. To this end we can customize different sizes and leaves, and can also make different styles of base. The most popular leaf style is still boxwood, the classic shape and the low-key natural green play a very good role to set off, so it can perfectly become the background board for the themes.
Artificial hedges Planters- Dividers
A standard-sized boxwood hedge planter looks like a short wall, Although it cannot completely block the view, it can be used to divide the area well. Compared with ordinary partitions, the way of using artificial plants to arrange space is more novel and special. These artificial boxwood hedges with planter boxes are easy to move, it is both convenient for interior and exterior decoration. Of course, artificial boxwood planter is great as indoor space dividers to delineate dining floor space at restaurants and caf��s. Also,  you can consider artificial boxwood planter for entryways, lobbies and atriums. If you use them as cute decorations, you can also stimulate unlimited design potential. Plus, theres no ongoing maintenance so the investment is long-term.
Fake hedges in Planter - Events
Boxwood is an enduring decoration that is suitable for any occasion and does not reduce the level of events in the slightest. Especially this freestanding boxwood product can be used without installation, which provides great convenience to the organizers of the event, the venue designer can use them to divide the area, make as a guide, or to isolate a comfortable leisure area. This is an effect that a sheet fence cannot achieve.
Artificial Hedges Planters Box Market
We have worked with customers in many countries, and this form of artificial boxwood hedge in planter is particularly popular in the UK market. On the one hand, the British love of boxwood is the main reason for its popularity but on the other hand,this item is simple in style and easy to move and place, which is in line with the minimalist style of young people in Britain today. Compared to real plants, artificial plants are easier to preserve in the UKs humid climate.
The form of freestanding artificial boxwood planter is evolved from boxwood according to peoples needs to enrich the scene and diversify its functions. The customized services we can provide is also based on your reasonable requirements.
Release date:2020/2/26 21:01:57
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