Full Guide to Artificial Ivy Screen Rolls/Trellis

Here is a collection of concerns on artificial ivy screening rolls and trellis from clients online and offline.
  • what is an artificial/faux ivy fence
Artificial or faux ivy fence combines grid trellis and botanically correct ivy foliage. They are usually uv treated for outdoor fence screen for privacy. There are different foliage type for choices for different landscape.
There are two classic products lines of artificial ivy fence.
Artificial Ivy Rolls
Artificial ivy rolls is a combination of plastic wrapped iron grid structure and various large foliage on it. The following is one of the typical style.
Expandable Ivy Trellis
Unlike artificial ivy rolls, expandable willow trellis with artificial ivy leaves is expandable with natural willow trellis structure to fit and cover any unsightly view both indoors and outdoors.
  • What are artificial/faux ivy fence made of
Artificial ivy rolls are made with grid panel/trellis and foliage. The foliage of part of the ivy screen are silk and others are made of PE. The grid panel made with iron structure and PE with commercial grade uv protection. Some ivy trellis is made from natural willow trellis.
  • How to install artificial/faux ivy fence
The regular size of an artificial ivy fence roll is 1 meter*3 meter. The roll can be cut to fit your space. Using zip tiles to attach them on fence is a popular way to install.
  • How to maintain artificial/faux ivy fence
To sustain in outdoors, most PE ivy screening rolls are water proof and fade-resistant. Therefore, just let the rain do the cleaning job is okay.
  • Advantage of an artificial/faux ivy fence
The benefits of applying an artificial privacy ivy fence are listed as follows:
  1. Keeps green all year round
  2. Prevent unexpected graffiti from ruining your exterior walls or fencing
  3. Easy-to-install
  4. Add privacy and appeal to your residential or commercial
  5. Pest-free without allergies to human bodies
  6. Versatile solutions for indoor and outdoor
  • How long do artificial ivy fence last?
The quality of ivy screen fence or trellis may vary so the life span of artificial ivy screen rolls or trellis are different from 1-3 years. Details pls refer to the original manufacturer.
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