How to Distinguish New PE and Recycled PE

Many new entrants to the artificial plants industry cannot distinguish the fresh new PE and recycled PE when they are picking products. Here we will provide some simple and obvious methods for you to choose suitable products.

Quality Determines the Touch

Compared with fresh new PE, the recycled PE is based on different sources, so there are a lot of impurities inside. It is a little mat when you touch it. Because it contains a small amount of water, it does not look dry as the new PE.

Color Will Affect the Choice

SUNWING��s products all use fresh new PE materials, so they have a uniform and bright color, and look well-proportioned. However, recycled PE is different. Because of the sources of materials, this kind of artificial plants has a mixed and dim color, a transparent feeling and ragged burrs have not connection with beauty.

Multiple Performances Consideration

Considering the long-term use, performances like tensile strength, anti-aging properties and processing fluidity all need to be compared. In comparison, fresh new PE have a uniform supply, therefore, artificial products using new PE have better stability than those using recycled PE. What��s more, they are more environmentally friendly.

Under most circumstances, there are obvious differences between fresh new PE and recycled PE. May such a multifaceted comparison will give you some help when you pick artificial products.

Release date:2019/5/8 14:39:06
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