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Artificial fencing has become a popular way to form a private and practical screening for residential areas. Artificial hedge products have tremendous kinds with high quality and lifelike appearance. And faux hedge rolls is one of them. It comes in different foliage, ivy is one of the classic.
Our faux ivy rolls is manufactured botanically correct with the best performance the other companies can not compare. These high quality rolls can be easily cut into any sizes or shapes to fit your landscaping. Artificial Hedge Rolls are the fastest and cheapest way of bringing the greenery and coverage of a natural hedge to any outdoor fence, wall or other area.
Installed in a flash, the rolls feature close knit fabric foliage on a pliable wire base which is most often attached to fences, but that can also be used on walls, barriers or other exterior facades. This multi-functional artificial screening is applicable in any large projects to block unsightly view or for other practical uses.
Still exhausted about the endless maintaining work and the limited lifespan of living plant fencing or screening? Make decor of your home much easier and prettier Now with Sunwing high-quality faux hedge rolls! Try it today and get everything solved in a flash! See more at:

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