Shopping malls apply artificial vertical garden upside down to the ceiling!

  Vertical garden used in green wall creation has been popular these days. But many interior decorators has bring this genuine product to a higher level with putting them upside down onto the ceiling for best performance. This kind of greening solution adds not only glamour but also spring feel to the shopping mall.
  Vertical garden is kind of artificial landscape which is made with mixing of the right kinds of fake plants. These fake plants are hard to tell with its botanically correct lifelike appearance. Our greenery artist demonstrate them in different style to custom fit in any interior/exterior design. With so many types of artificial plants, more and more people today choose to DIY their own vertical garden products and display them in different kinds of ways. With these creative ideas, vertical garden has born with a brand new image. It is so versatile and exotic and can be easily applied in all kinds of places or occasions. Do not restrict to your imagination. It can make a big difference to your sight even your life.
  If you have any thoughts calling for novelty carrier, contact us and realize it in this dreamy way.

Release date:2017/4/12 14:31:54
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