Artificial hedge makes the ideal decor for outdoors!

More and more people prefer to use artificial hedge for their interior design and outdoor decor. As we all know, artificial hedge is made by plastic and can be used for indoor privacy screen and TV bckdrop because it is eco-friendly with no smell. Its long-lasting green appearance is attractive in all seasons since it is manufactured botanically correct. However, artificial hedge is also superior in outdoor applications.


With the latest technology and machines, Sunwing artificial foliage and panels which are all made with fresh PE are very resistant and enduring in all harsh weather conditions. These products are all processed with UV-protected and fire-retardant which means that your garden is always safeguarded by these greenery. By the way, they are pretty water-saving and money-saving as well. They require no maintenance and its guaranteed period can be at least three years.

If you are bored with one-size-fits-all style of your landscape or something, these outdoor-rated hedges can also be reusable to custom fit your new design because they are able to be cut into any sizes and shapes. Any abstract ideas or fence screens can be perfectly restored here with our magical artificial hedge products. The installation guide is also simple and you will get instant aestheticism at your fingertips.

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