Ultimate Guide Of Artificial Foliage Branches

With the development of artificial plants used in wall d��cor, there are many artificial foliage branches coming up for a diy experience. Here are several top questions and most-favored answers about this new artificial plants products:

What is artificial leaves spray?

Artificial foliage sprays or single branches are imitated plants branches with different leaves in single stems. They are widely applied in freely arranging different branches in a iron grid or panels for unique style artificial green walls for both interiors and exteriors.

What is this singly foliage sprig made of?

The artificial foliage is made of fresh PE materials and the stems is also PE made so they can be use both indoors and outdoors. Artificial plants manufacturers may add UV or fire retardant additives for better performance indoors or outdoors.

Can I use artificial green walls foliage outdoors?

Of course, the raw material of artificial foliage branches are HDPE and usually manufactured UV proof for fade-resistant and durable performance outdoors.

How to clean artificial leaves spray?

According to the structure of different artificial foliage branches, the complicated foliage branches need more delicate cleaning work with multi-functional spray. The small and simple single branches need only warm water washed.

How to install or arrange artificial leaves branches on panels or walls?

The artificial green walls like the following picture are made with different foliage branches fixed with zip ties or iron fixers using pre-designed special arrangements.

Where to buy or purchase artificial foliage?

Most overseas artificial plants brands, artificial plants cape or garden supply suppliers import artificial foliage from Chinese factory manufacturers. If you are searching or sourcing for large projects, these factory offer wholesale price for bulk order artificial foliage as well. If you are interested in a sample checking, welcome to reach out thru sales@plantsartificial.com

How to choose artificial foliage for design?

There are various artificial leaves spray that imitating the real plants in different styles. Tropical, exotic or modern, you can easily find the right types for arranging and matching.

How long do artificial foliage last indoors and outdoors?

Regular artificial foliage can keep its perfect greenery performance for 1-3 years indoors and 3-5 years outdoors. But if you are finding one with a longer life span, you are welcome to offer requirements for a custom manufacturing for boosting your business.
Landscapers, garden suppliers or brands, welcome to discuss with us about your requirements or suggestions here thru email sales@plantsartificial.com.
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