What is The Best Plants to Decorate Your Garden Fence

Contemporary people like to decorate the courtyard with various decorations. To protect the environment and become unique, natural plants become the first choice.
Compared with traditional fence decoration, real plants are always full of vitality, they are gorgeous, deep, warm, or strong, having their own characteristics. The same thing is that they fit perfectly with the surrounding environment.
Several Plants Recommended for Fence
Plants like ivy and boxwood are the most common varieties, liable to care and have the tenacious vitality, which they are popular with the public suitable for most occasions. Vines with ivy leaves can be wrapped around the railing play a good for privacy. Boxwood can be planted beside the fence, it has a strong plasticity and can be trimmed to the shape you want.
Compared to angiosperms, gymnosperms look monotonous. There are two kind of flowers that are suitable to decorate the fence. Rose is always facing to the sun light, so it blooms gorgeous and bold. Barbed leaf stems provide excellent anti-theft. The long florescence can light up your
garden for up to six months. Campsis is not inferior, it is more exquisite and gentle. They prefer to bloom in the summer and surround the entire courtyard.
The Defects of Real Plants
However, nearly all kind of natural plants need our meticulous care. Watering, fertilizing, trimming, everything is indispensable and takes a lot of time. This is very difficult for most people who are busy at work. Also, they cant escape the effects of seasonal change and terrible weather. Natural plants will easily wither and be attacked by insects, and
cant be close to the fire source.Plants need a growing season, it is impossible to see the decorative effect Immediately.
Artificial Vertical Garden Can Be As a Perfect Alternative
Compared with real plants, artificial vertical garden can be said to be the gospel of people who is lazy. Artificial ivy leaves, boxwood and a wide variety of flowers can appear in one outdoor artificial garden screening. You don��t need to worry about the season, the climate, insects, and maintenance.
All of our artificial plants can be UV-protected to maximize the using life before fading. Various foliage sprays and artificial flowers can meet your needs for instant decorations. You can even change the theme according to the season, the lifelike appearance may perfectly replace those natural Plants.
No matter real plants or vertical garden plants, the most suitable is the best. I hope that my recommendation will give you some inspiration.

Release date:2019/5/31 10:50:11
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