Why to Choose Artificial Vertical Garden for Interior Decoration

The technological change has brought great improvement to peoples lives. The use of electrical appliances brings a lot of convenience, and the invention of more and more electronic devices enriches the entertainment of the public.
Nowadays, many fires are caused by improper use of electricity. In addition, small fire sources such as cigarette butts and lighters are also easily overlooked.

A Fire Case

Some time ago, there was a commercial center caught fire. Fortunately, firefighters come in time so no one was hurt. After investigation, we know that the wall materials used in a hotel on the ninth floor were the first to catch fire. The specific cause of the fire has not been discovered, but the flammable wall material is an important factor leading to the spread of fire.
Wallpaper is porcelain but easy to catch fire. In order to avoid such accident happening again, it is especially important to choose interior wall covering materials is especially important. More and more businesses or users are looking for safer interior wall decoration materials, the fireproof artificial plant is one of these choice.

Outstanding fire performance of artificial plants wall

As an ornament, no fireproof material was added to the original artificial plants. Due to the increasing demand for fire protection, our products are constantly improving. After special processing, those artificial leaves will not burn but only deform when it gets fired. This feature has a very good flame retardant effect for a period of time. With such a buffer time, you will have the enough time for escaping even if an accident happens unfortunately.
In addition to increasing indoor security, the decorative effect of our artificial plant wall is also unquestionable. The bright color and lifelike appearance make most wallpaper be overshadowed. Compared to general wallpaper, artificial vertical garden wall is more convenient to be installed, and you can easily change the styles according to different themes.

Artificial Hedge Panel Suitable for Indoor Decoration

Here, I want to recommend some items for you when you want to decorate your indoor wall.
Artificial boxwood with little white flowers have a fresh style of minimalist. Based on the simple heart shape leaves, these little white flowers looks small and delicate. With UV-protected, this artificial boxwood mat can keep the natural green for 3 years even outdoor, maximum it service life before fading. It is popular all over the world because of its classic appearance and no needs of maintenance.
The second choice is artificial vertical garden with mixed foliage branches. They create a natural sanctuary in any indoor space. The artificial greenery covering definitely beautify your space. There are reasons why houses filled with plants on social media have gone viral. Artificial greenage creates a cozy living environment without a fuss.  
Research says simply looking at green stuff can do good to your eyes. Moreover, it can lighten your spirit and ease your nerves. Therefore, it can easily boost efficiency and job satisfaction at office rooms.
The last one is an artificial garden wall made up entirely of bundles.It looks fairy and gorgeous. The white starry flower stripes look like the fancy crown on the prom queen. They are immediately appealing! The dense artificial foliage base has abundant colors and shapes. It is surprising to see they look perfectly in harmony.
If you are tired of the monotonous daily life and hope to rejuvenate your spirit. A little adjustment at home can make a difference. The slender artificial vertical garden panel can fit in a small area on the wall. A little greenery can lighten up your space with no time. The evergreen companion will not let you down.
Anyway, when you want to decorate your wall indoor, you no longer only have a choice of wallpaper, and these new choices are more beautiful and safer.
Release date:2019/7/12 10:46:48
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