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We have an extensive range of beautiful artificial green walls to best suit each and every location. Artificial Plant Wall panels are also suitable for interior placement. Cover a whole wall or use the panels individually as wall art pieces. The panels are light weight and can be attached to all surfaces.
vertical garden panel-Colocasia Bloom Garden vertical garden panel-Lush Forests Green Wall Clivia Vertical Garden G0687L003 Stylized Beauty Garden G0687L004
Colocasia Bloom Garden
Item No. G0687L001
Size: 1m x 1m

Lush Forests Green Wall
Item No. G0687L002
Size: 1m x 1m

Clivia Vertical Garden
Item No. G0687L003
Size: 1m x 1m

Stylized Beauty Garden
Item No. G0687L004
Size: 1m x 1m
Stylized Beauty Garden G0687L004 -details-1
Stylized Beauty Garden G0687L004 -details-2
  Set : G0687L004 Stylized Beauty Garden
  The panel : G0602A019 Mint leaf

  Accessories: G0602A019 Mint leaf

  G0645D007 Colorful Colocasia
  G0680D018 Small orchid
  G0680D001 Fragrant thoroughwort
  G0680D004 Persia grass

The location of bouquet and leaves can be adjusted according to your preference, it is very easy to install.

Special Note:
Products contains two series:
1. Finished products
2.Unassembled accessories (The location of bouquet and leaves can be adjusted according to your preference, it is very easy to install.

Option 1: The finished products. Without own assembling, you can install the products on the wall directly, easy to install and easy to use.
Option 2: Unassembled accessories(non-finished products). According to your own favor, you can assemble the accessories freely, which is more creative, and more flexible.

artificial plants wall G0687M001
artificial plants wall G0687M002
artificial plants wall G0687M003
Item No. G0687M001

Item No. G0687M002

Item No. G0687M003
artificial plants wall G0687M004
artificial plants wall G0687M005
Item No. G0687M004
Item No. G0687M005
flower artist-Annie Chen
Annie Chen
Annie Chen finished her Postgrade education in Waseda University.
She is a space installation art designer, flower artist and the founder of HUA TIAN XIAO ZHU. She established a studio,which called YUWANJU.
bespoke artificial plants wall
The foliage panels are supplied as standard 1m2 (100cm x 100cm) in size, The manufacturing process involves selecting the finest artificial foliages which are attached by hand to high quality steel grid panels in a range of stunning, naturalistic plant compositions.
artificial plants wall G0687H001
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